Top 10 QComments: RumbleFish Edition

Top 10 QComments: RumbleFish Edition
We had quite an aggressive week this last week on QC! As soon as we posted our last Top 10 QComments, the battles began. First, we had a porn studio speak out in defense to one of their models, then we had fans flame the fires of the ongoing Cody Cummings debate. We had separate spats about how to treat dead porn actors, Jesus Luz’s penis, and masturbating in front of maids. And finally, an all-out melee about cumming on US Military uniforms. Believe us, you’re gonna want to get in the water to watch these rumble fish fight it out! So put on your swimsuit and dive right in!
Queer enough for you
Last week’s Top 10 QComments kicked off with RocknRolla’s QComment that Pablo from Authentic Footballers looked a bit like Disney’s Mulan, the legendary woman who dressed up as a man to fight in the Chinese army. And amazingly, a QCommenter from Authentic Footballers stepped up and had a good laugh and a suggestion for those who found Pablo too feminine:

Well, about Pablo, we had a lot of fun with the comments and the Mulan comparison, truly. We featured him because he’s really hot, he’s a got a great body and a boyish attitude and he plays soccer in a way a woman would hardly do. But you find all that in the videos, not in the pics. Anyway, if you like testosterone, you’ll love Fernando, our model of this week, he’s macho macho macho from wherever you want to inspect him (and we inspected him a lot !!!). Check it at our tour, he’s one of our most masculine players we ever published. Just to compensate 🙂

We love it when studios drop by to share their thoughts. It means they pay attention to fan feedback. Plus, he’s right… their new soccer player, Fernando, is quite a specimen—rawr!
If you recall, we also took some time in last week’s Top 10 QCommenters to spank unoriginal Cody Cummings haters for endlessly re-inventing the wheel with their “Cody’s a homophobe” QComments. Marc wasn’t having it:

I’m just a little confused and possibly slightly upset over the whole Cody Cummings anti-negative comment stance you guys have taken. Don’t get me wrong, if people want to pay to watch his videos or be a member of his site I don’t see anything wrong with it nor do I see anything wrong with him being promoted on a blog that is presumably geared toward gay porn/hot men in general. In the “Should Cody Cummings have anal sex with a man” camp, I’m a very firm, who cares? There are plenty of hot gay and straight men who do; so I’m not gonna obsess over one who doesn’t. That’s not why I’m commenting.

Why is it that QC has become fan number one in the Cody Cummings camp? So much so to the point of telling loyal readers to not even dare post a negative comment about an update from his site? Not saying CC is not hot and doesn’t deserve a little protection from the haters; but really QC? Ya gettin some on the side? What’s the deal? I used to see the same thing with the Jake Cruise updates (who I want to grow up to be someday haha). You moved those updates to QCX along with straight or bi-updates. It’s your blog and “you do what you want,” but just wondering why not just a typical update for this guy instead of update plus a knife wielding, crazy boyfriend-like threat?

We’re not sure what “threat” Marc’s referring to. All we did was call the CC flamers tiresome and suggest that they encourage Cody to do more or at least thoughtfully QComment on his lack of gay sex instead of just ranting. Plus, we’ve always been fans of Cody’s; that’s certainly nothing new. Meanwhile a lot of our QCommenters took to Cody’s recent “straight” scene to continue the debate and to question why QC posts “straight” scenes at all. The entire QConversation’s totally worth reading, but StraightClickMakes$en$e came out swinging against the idea that heterosex can ever be “for gay eyes.” Even his screen name suggests pure profit motive on our behalf:

Ok, first of all, it’s still straight porn even if the “girl bits” are hidden – it just isn’t hardcore. They don’t have to be doing anything for it to be hetero-erotic or defined as pornography. The scene descriptions are enough. Anyway, to all jumping on the “stop whining” bandwagon, it’s not all that absurd that a gay viewer would be irked by the fact that a gay porn blog would cater to something that is so clearly heterosexual in nature when the reverse would never happen. As Estelle says, nothing about this type of porn in the way it’s currently made, is gay, no matter how you spin it. You’ll have to do more than put the camera by the guys asshole or move the woman out of view for it to be considered something for “gay eyes” Essentially, it would need to be as homoerotic as a hetero pair can be. ( I have some ideas) If that prevents the “straight” guy from being at his most aroused state because the man-Tarzan/woman-Jane dynamic is missing, maybe this whole idea of straight porn for gay eyes, is a failed one, and perhaps the guys who lust after straight men so much to demand any porn with one, need to “scroll down” to some self-esteem. I think QC could solve a lot of the arguing by sorting the content a little more. There can be variety without mixing.

We appreciate all the QComments, fellas. We do try to warn our readers whenever there’s “vagimite” looming. We also post QCX material here to keep it fresh on everyone’s mind (in fact,do yourself a favor by visiting there now and you’ll see just how “queer” QueerClick can get).
As far as having “gay” straight sex, we’ve told our friends before, “Oh we’ll sleep with a woman, but it’ll be the gayest sex she’s ever had.” We’d refuse to touch her boobs or ladyparts, and make her suck our dick and rim us. We’d have her finger our asses and suck our nipples and play with our balls, then we’d sodomize her. Heck, we might even have her strap on a dildo and take us for a ride. Would it make any of Cody’s fans happier if he had such ultra gay-sex with a woman? Probably not. Would we still post a teaser for it on QC Main? Definitely yes.
Dead porn stars, Jesus’ cock, and cum on uniforms after the jump!

Let The Maid Clean Up Before You Make It Dirty Again
We had three posts this week which drew ire from our pond of rumblefish. First, we had lots of fans pour out their suport for the family and friends of Active Duty’s Randy who died this last week. But we also had a few QCommenters take us to task for posting porn pics of Randy from throughout his career, such as Steve:

Tactless. It’s a tragic death and it’s announced with cumshots and sex pics and the words “the hung and versatile stud….”. He’s dead–it’s a bit disturbing having his homage be for his sex work and penis size. What about an article, pics of him clothed and smiling, and a tasteful word of remorse?

matt agreed stating, “You ‘commemorate’ someone by postings pics of him with a dick in his mouth??” In our defense, we normally post pictures of a porn star’s work instead of shying away from them when they die. We do it to celebrate the reason we liked them so much in the first place. Having sex on camera is a somewhat selfless act—it shares a very special part of one’s identity and leaves the performer vulnerable for the rest of their lives. Hiding all these pictures away seems disingenuous and somewhat ashamed. We’re a porn blog after all.
However, we do hear you and we don’t want to offend any fans, family, or friends. No, we’d rather celebrate what made them so great in life. So while we won’t hide away the porn shots whenever our next star fades, we promise to do our best to put some of their best pictures in an elegant collage that will allow fans to appreciate their memorable performances. We’ll also do a great write-up that gives them the respectful, loving send-off that they deserve. Be sure to let us know what you think of it, OK?
Onto the living… Madonna face and Jesus Luz’s freshly shorn penis got covered in cat scratches this week when we posted a photo of mother with child. We said that compared to our fantasies that Jesus’ penis wasn’t as “divine as we had hoped.” The aptly named Not a penis queen disagreed with our star treatment of the two:

All of you are size queens and crazy. Madonna looks great. She’s 50 for f sake.

All of the great women the gays used to look up to had the chance to grow old gracefully, until these new batches of gay men who dont even look good at 25 think they can bash women who looks just like how a woman is supposed to look.

I don’t even like Madonna that much, but that woman is a healthy woman who looks so great now she makes me wish I had the inclination to spend hours in the gym.

That penis however, is indeed quite small, but who’s complaining? Pretty face > penis.

She is the Queen of Pop and has done lots to draw attention to LGBT issues, but we gotta say, we feel kinda skeeved out when we see her skeletal body grabbing her crotch and doing pelvic thrusts like she did 20 years ago. So while she still has an amazing look at age 50, her pilgrim costume in the W photoshoot certainly didn’t help her look any younger. And we’re also on the fence about this whole pretty face > penis equation. Granted, a handsome guy will make us care much less about his dick size, but we’ve also had a big dick make us a heck of a lot more interested in homely men. Big or small, that pendulum swings both ways!
Lastly, we also got some flack for posting a video of a masturbator getting off at being discovered by a hotel room maid. Pretty much all the QCommenters felt sorry for the maid, hated the masturbator, and chided us for posting “crap like this as entertainment.” All except for GetOverIt who called the other QCommenters “a bunch of old ass bitches.” But for regular QCommenter SteveDenver, our post brought back warm memories… very hot, wet, flesh-searing memories:

And to think she has to have that image in mind when she changes the sheets on that bed. The fat fucker can’t even get it up. She didn’t freak out, she just saw something private and shut the door. Sad thing is that she probably knocked as all maids do when the door is shut.

My brother worked at a fast food place and a guy would flash at the drive-thru window all the time. The third time he did it, the woman working the window recognized his car and told my brother. They just dumped hot coffee out the window when the guy pulled around with his cock out. Idiot jerk!

Damn, SteveDenver! We’ve seen some pretty unsavory pics of the third-degree burns that a hot cup of MickyD’s coffee can inflict on a woman’s genitals, so while we think that your resident creep definitely deserved some punishment, we’re not sure that searing off his genital nerve-endings and permanently disfiguring his cock were the way to go. But then again, perhaps we’re tolerant to a fault.
American Hero's Poco
And now for the main event! We had quite a few QCommenters get into an out-and-out brawl this week over the cumshot of American Hero’s Poco. The picture above will show you what all the hubbub was about. Poco cums on the US Army patch of a military uniform. And while it’s hot in a postmodern, countercultural “fuck ‘don’t ask, don’t tell'” kinda way, it’s certainly not very tactful. Thomas didn’t think so at least:

Wow… I am just simply disgusted with this. Don’t get me wrong, as someone in the USArmy, I love a hot man in uniform. …But this just goes way too far. First off, he’s not wearing the uniform properly (the black boots, the white undershirt, the beard, the insignias, etc)… and while that’s more of an annoyance… cumming on the Army nametape… it’s highly insulting. I, and many others, hold a strong sense of pride in that uniform. It represents something important. And I’m just so disappointed to see it mistreated in this fashion. It’s in very poor taste.

QCommenter Andy agreed saying that “the point is not if this was the first time this uniform has seen cum on it…As a former Marine I agree, one thing is being gay another is not know when to draw the line.” But when Richard told Thomas to get over himself and remember that the scene is for military-lover types. Thomas clarified his position by saying:

@Richard… I wasn’t saying that there cannot be military themed porn… I personally enjoy it! But this PARTICULAR video went out of it’s way to have the model cum on the USArmy name tape. I think people would get just as disgusted if a model jizzed on a national flag, or a bible, or whatever. For me, my service in the Army means a lot… and wearing that name tape on my chest is a large source of pride. So why can’t I express my opinion that I view this as poor taste? It’s just an opinion afterall.

Then, ready for a fight, Human stepped in with this nasty nugget:

Shut the fuck up Thomas. You support an institution created for the sole purpose of killing people. So, just shut the fuck up. And I’m sure you’ll understanding that I’m just voicing my opinion too. 🙂 And don’t try to give us some bullshit about how you fight for our ‘freedom of speech’. Pfft, pathetic.

We’d like to take a second to smack Human with a fist-sized dildo for being so very uncool to a guy who was just stating his opinion. Human, you are jerking off to military-themed porn after all, so either all the killing has you boned or you’re a troll or a hypocrite. Either way, it’s no reason to shit on a guy for his chosen career. Geez, sometimes these flame wars can get so personal! Luckily, as a military guy, Thomas knew how to stand up for himself:

Human… yeah that’s your opinion, rather immature and uniformed one, but yours to have nonetheless. I’m not going to get unhinged and flip out at you for having it.

And yes, the Army’s mission is to kill and break things. Where did I try to argue otherwise? I’m not ashamed of it. Life isn’t shades of only black and white, and sometimes certain people just need to die. **shrugs shoulders**

But all I’ve said here is that I am proud of that uniform (and yes that mission), and it was in poor taste how they ended that video.

Yet again, the full exchange’s worth reading. And while we’re all for having sex however one pleases, we’d like to suggest that studios kindly aim away from military insignias, bibles, children, and flags, please.
Did you get out without any bite marks from our RumbleFish Edition? Well, lucky you. Thanks as always to all of our readers and QCommenters! We’ll be back next week with another installment and much more rambunctious fun to come!

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