QC Crimes: A Timeline of Dustin McNeer’s Nasty Fight With His Alleged Girlfriend That Got Him Arrested

A Timeline of Dustin McNeer's Nasty Fight With His Alleged Girlfriend That Got Him Arrested

It may have not been a very good month for Dustin McNeer. After getting involved in a vehicular accident in early November, the model got arrested on Wednesday. Because of that, we were actually about to give this story a “QC Crimes” treatment. But looks like Dustin is pulling out receipts to turn the tables and give a whole new twist in this drama.

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Ashton McKay Arrested For the Third Time For DUI in FL!

You may have seen him as the hunky cop in his MEN.com stint stopping Vadim Black for speeding. But this time, it’s his turn to be the playing the opposite role, in real life.

It’s been recently reported that porn star Ashton McKay was arrested for DUI in the state of Florida. According to sources, the adult performer was apprehended on June 10th. Mind you that it’s his third arrest for the same charge. This means McKay might serve prison time if convicted since The State of Florida considers this as Felony. Turns out that this bad boy needs a bit of spanking.

Ashton has been all around working for the hottest studios and did some pretty delightful scenes at Chaosmen and BROMO just to name a few. He previously performed as Marshall White for Paragon Men and College Dudes.

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QC Crimes: Gay Porn Actor Tim Kelly Arrested!

QC Crimes: Gay Porn Actor Tim Kelly Arrested!

Another one for the QC Crimes list guys! Former Colt Studio porn actor Tim Kelly has been arrested in Broward County, Florida and according to our friends of GPB who broke the story he has been charged with Grand Theft! You guys probably also remember the scenes he made for several studios like MenAtPlay, MenOver30, ButchDixon and HotOlderMale, his body of work was certainly hard to miss if you like porn with hairy daddy-type performers.
Allegedly, Tim, who is 54 years old, was put under investigation by the authorities because they suspected his involvement in a blackmail case and was detained by the Broward County Police last night and put into jail where he awaits the pending trial. Maybe because of the lights, of who knows what, his official mugshot features his piercing green eyes with a certainly eerie feeling when you look at it. QC reader are you a fan of Tim Kelly’s porn work? What are your thoughts on his arrest? Tell us in the comments!

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[UPDATE] QC Crimes: Jarec Wentworth, Men.com Exclusive Star, Arrested – Jailed For Six Years!

[UPDATE] QC Crimes: Jarec Wentworth, Men.com Exclusive Star, Arrested - Jailed For Six Years!

Was Jarec Wentworth your favourite Men.com porn star? Well, we’re sorry to inform you that you won’t see any more new scenes from him so you better cherish those fond memories. Back in March we reported the troubled news on his arrest and things have gone from bad to worse for him. Jarec has been found guilty of six felony counts including blackmailing telecom millionaire Donald Burns, who is a GOP donor. During the judiciary process the prosecutor said JW acted in “vengeful and intentional” manner in his blackmail scheme and had caused “great emotional harm to the victim”. If you remember the denounce stated he got hold to $500,000 in cash and an Audi R8 valued at $180,000 and was demanding another $1 million and a condo in Los Angeles at the time of the arrest. Millionaire Donald Burns, who contacted the FBI when the blackmail started, also recognized that he not only paid him for sex, but he also gave him money in exchange of being introduced to other gay porn stars. The sentence was quite, hard six years in a federal prison and three more years of supervised release. QC reader, all nasty details aside, are you sad that this is probably the end of Jarec Wentworth porn career? Tell us in the comments!

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QC Crimes: Christian Slater To Play Cobra Video Owner Bryan Kocis?

QC Crimes: Christian Slater To Play Cobra Video Owner Bryan Kocis?

The murder of studio owner Bryan Kocis by two of his stars, Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes, in 2007 is perhaps one of the most well documented stories in QCrimes history. Both murderers were sentenced to life in prison and the gruesome details of the case have fascinated audiences for a very long time. Books have been written and media attention faded with time but it seems that a new movie is about to reignite the interest.

QC has received information that Christian Slater has been cast to play the part of Bryan Kocis in “King Cobra” a movie adaptation of the book “Cobra Killer Gay Porn Murder” that narrates the horrific circumstances that led to the death of the gay porn producer who was stabbed 28 times and his throat was cut, nearly decapitating him. Kocis’ body was left in his house before it was set on fire to cover the evidence. The film effort is produced by Event Films and James Franco, who is also receiving acting credentials so we assume he will be one of the leads but his character has not been revealed yet. Filming has started and actress Molly Ringwald tweeted a selfie of her and Slater confirming her involvement in the project and apparently she’ll be playing Kocis’ sister Melody. We also have learned that newcomer Garrett Clayton (from Disney’s musical Teen Beach Movie) will play a character named “Sean” that we assumed is in fact Brent Corrigan, who if you remember, collaborated with the FBI in this case as he was an underage actor working for Cobra Video at the time of the murder.
What do you think QC reader, are you looking forward to see a movie based on this case? Tell us in the comments!

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QCrimes: Rentboy Dismantled – CEO Accused Of Running A Prostitution Ring

QCrimes: Rentboy Dismantled - CEO Accused Of Running A Prostitution Ring

Hear that? It’s the sound of thousands of escorts panicking! News that Rentboy (in case you are living under a rock, RB is/was? a social network site that promised to act as a bridge between male sex workers, masseurs and potential clients) was being raided by the authorities sent shockwaves all across the porn industry. Its acting CEO, Jeffrey Hunt (some news outlets also identify him as Jeffrey Hurant), and 6 other executives, including a woman, were arrested by Department of Homeland Security and the NYPD under charges including money laundering and prostitution. It is worth to note that the social network site always made clear that it was not an escort agency and that their mission was to list the services for male escorts adding that they wanted to create a “non-judgmental space” where anyone curious about exploring male-male companionship can hire a man by the hour, “where men place their own ads and work for themselves, so that clients can contact them directly.”

“As alleged, Rentboy.com attempted to present a veneer of legality, when in fact this internet brothel made millions of dollars from the promotion of illegal prostitution,” U.S. Attorney Kelly Currie.

In the papers, Rentboy has never being shy or obscure about their intentions and even participated in high profile events. A few years ago Jake Shears from Scissor Sisters even used Rentboy to promote the band’s latest album with a fake profile featuring suggestive photos of the frontman. Other significant intervention from the company that attracted the attention from the media were the Hustlaball gatherings, the International Escort Awards, also known as the “Hookies” and the recent launch of a Rentboy “scholarship” prize for current male students who do sex work on the side that was announced by porn star Colby Keller. It seems that RB was a very lucrative business grossing more than $10 million in the past five years alone from their monthly subscriptions. That money is now frozen, but apparently the cash also came directly from the prostitution ring lead by Hurant who the the authorities refer as “cyber pimp.”

We ask you QC reader, what’s your take on the demise of Rentboy? Have you ever hired an escort there? Do you think the accusations are real? Tell us in the comments!

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QCrimes: 15 Gay Porn Stars And The Shocking Mugshots They Don’t Want You To See

QC Crimes: 15 Gay Porn Stars And The Shocking Mugshots They Don't Want You To See

Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do when they come for you? We’ve done a fair coverage of QCrimes in the past but it still shocks us to see how many, hot, porn stars have fallen on the other side of the law. Sometimes for silly things, other times for pretty heavy stuff. Nothing proves better a bad path taken than those vacant stares, those sad, often times dazed, looking eyes. We have curated a list 15 porn stars and their shameful mugshots juxtaposed against their days of former porn glory just for you. We ask you QC reader, how knowing their crooked lifestyle choices affected the perception you had from these porn stars? Do porn stars with troubled past turn you on? Can you still fap to them when they have committed a serious crime in real life? Tell us in the comments!

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QC Crimes: Jarec Wentworth, Men.com Exclusive Star, Arrested!

QC Crimes: Jarec Wentworth Arrested

Joining the ranks of QCrimes should not be an honour that porn stars strive to achieve. Popular Men.com exclusive hunk, and former SeanCody model, Jarec Wentworth is in trouble, BIG trouble. Str8upgayporn broke the news that Teofil Brank, Jarec’s real name, was arrested by undercover FBI agents non less, after he was put under surveillance for reportedly extorting a wealthy victim, whose name has not been disclosed for obvious reasons, for the sum of 1 million and a condo. Seems like Jarec Wentworth threatened to go public with his victim’s sexual habits and his greediness was his downfall. He had already successfully got hold of $500,000 in cash and an Audi R8 (a car with a cost of $180,000). The FBI lured him to a Starbucks in Los Angeles where he was apprehended with a .357 Magnum revolver and additional ammunition. The victim, who must be a powerful person if he got a federal agency to act with this kind of celerity, informed the FBI not only because of the money involved but because he made several threats via text messages that we’re sure are going to be used as additional proof of his acts. Bail has been denied and Jarec faces up to 15 years in prison. With the recent string of criminal scandals involving familiar porn faces like Lucas from Corbin Fisher committing fraud and Johnny Rapid getting arrested by beating up his GF we fear that at this rate there will be more porn stars in jail that out of it!

What are your thoughts on Jarec’s recent arrest and porn guys with criminal records? Tell us in the comments!

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QC Crimes: Did Corbin Fisher Lucas Commit Fraud As A Contractor?

QC Crimes: Did Corbin Fisher Lucas Committed Fraud As A Contractor

It’s so odd when we learn something new from a porn hunk that does not involve them fucking on camera, in our imagination they live in a porn set surrounded by other gorgeous models 24-7. But every now and then, real life and the porn world collide and this happened to very popular Corbin Fisher model Lucas. You probably recognized the face as he has been in countless scenes, his peak reached a couple of years ago tho, but his latest scene was released on January of this year when he was banged by Connor. Turns out that in real life, Lucas makes a living out of being a contractor renovating other people homes. But an upset client, Josh Enyart, is accusing him of destroying his basement and the foundations of his house. Rudy Ludemann, aka CF Lucas, was hired to replace a clogged sewer line and tuck point his stone foundation. Not only he never completed the work but Enyart accuses him of taking $5,000 in cash and purchased another $4,000 in supplies, then Ludemann disappeared. Seems like he started multiple jobs and not a single one was finished. What do you think QC reader, knowing this news affects the enjoyment of his previous porn work? Tell us in the comments!

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QC Crimes: Johnny Rapid Arrested!

QC Crimes: Johnny Rapid Arrested!
The lines of fiction and reality got more than blurry for Gay-for-pay porn star Johnny Rapid when he got arrested in Georgia after allegedly assaulting his girlfriend. News report confirm that he apparently, after an argument that got very heated, knocked his girlfriend to the ground outside a bowling alley after she refused to coax a 14 year old Asian female they met there to join them for sex. Pretty heavy stuff, but it doesn’t stop there. The couple then left the bowling alley together but began arguing in the car, he stopped the car and started hitting her again. The result, she ended up with red marks on her lips, swollen eyes, broken fingernail, blood on her right ear lobe where her earring had been torn out. The incident happened last October, but Johnny wasn’t arrested until December 15 in Oxford, Georgia, and he was then released the next day on $2500 bail.
Johnny has bottomed more than 80 times, at least on screen, and participated in a now legendary prison-themed scene with Rafael Alencar. We’re sure his new reality isn’t exactly a fantasy for him now, at least he looks good in orange and he’s had LOTS of practice in the porn sets to face this kind of situation!
Original source: Str8upgayporn, omgblog

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QCrimes: Mike Dozer Faces Federal Charges, Boyfriend Commits Suicide Amid Rape Allegations

When we last checked in with Christopher Steele (the real name of bareback porn star Mike Dozer), he had pled “not guilty” to the statutory rape of a 14-year-old boy and was mistakenly reported to have been released on bail — in fact, Steele was denied bail and placed in a Philadelphia federal detention center.
Steele — who was arrested in December — already faced nine felony charges, four misdemeanor charges and a reckless endangerment charge for allegedly exposing the minor to HIV (Steele is HIV+). But Steele now finds himself slapped with additional federal charges for possessing child pornography (possibly pictures of the 14-year-old who he met through the gay hook-up app Jack’D) and violating the Mann Act by allegedly transporting the kid over state lines for sex — Dozer resided in Delaware, the kid lived in Pennsylvania. Steele’s federal trial will begin on June 2 and his state trial on May 7.
But there’s more twists to this tale…

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QCrimes: Mike Dozer Out Of Jail, Pleads “Not Guilty” To Statutory Rape – Should We Keep Spanking To Him?

Recently, 33-year-old porn performer Mike Dozer (real name Christopher Steele) was released from jail under a reduced bail and later pleaded “not guilty” to all charges associated with his alleged statutory rape of a 14-year-old teen.
For the last three and a half months, Steele had been sitting in a Montgomery County, Pennsylvania prison on a $1 million bail for allegedly having sex with a teenager that he met on the hook-up app Jack’D. Steele got charged with nine felony charges including statutory rape, corruption of a minor, multiple counts of unlawful contact with a minor as well as four more misdemeanor charges. If Steele is found guilty on all counts, he could get 75 years in prison meaning that he wouldn’t get out until he was 108 — way too old to be in porn.
The story goes that Steele knew that the kid was underage but didn’t care, traded nude pics with the teen (kiddie porn), forced him to do poppers and never disclosed his HIV-positive status (which got Steele slapped with an additional reckless endangerment charge for “conduct that may place another person in danger of death or serious bodily injury”).
Dozer’s lawyer Kevin Wray said, “Charging someone with [reckless endangerment] because they are HIV-positive is homophobic and ignorant,” and many others agree with him — even though other bloggers have lamented Dozer’s disdain for condoms.
In fact in September 2011, U.S. Congresswoman Barbara Lee introduced the Repeal HIV Discrimination Act which would repeal HIV-related reckless endangerment charges altogether. The bill states “The criminalization of exposure to and/or transmission of HIV without the requirement of malicious intent violates the civil and human rights of individuals who are HIV-positive.” But we digress…

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Drama In Porntown: Mike Dozer (“Condoms Are For Pussies”) Charged With Rape of 14 Year Old

Bareback porn actor Mike Dozer (real name Christopher Steele, pictured above wearing his notorious “Condoms are for pussies” tank top while in the locker room with his scene partner Charlie Harding) was arrested last December on charges of statutory rape after he fucked a 14 year old guy he met on dating app Jack’D. Now, charges of reckless endangerment have been added to Dozer’s troubles, since he neglected to tell his underage partner that he was infected with HIV.
According to the Philadelphia Gay News, Dozer drove to meet the boy at his house in Montgomery County, PA, for the purpose of having sex. Dozer’s lawyer, Kevin Wray, claims his client “attempted to end relations” with the boy after learning he was underage. But the boy, he says, “kept pursuing him and apparently had done so with others.” Wray believes Dozer, who is currently being held in a Montgomery County prison on $1 million bail, did disclose his HIV status before having sex and believes the additional reckless endangerment charge is “homophobic”:

It bothered me a great deal and seemed to be offensive. He takes medication and is constantly moderating it. Charging someone with [reckless endangerment] because they are HIV-positive is homophobic and ignorant. We don’t go to people who have herpes, colds, Strep throat and charge them. If that is the standard, they need to be indicting everybody. It’s amazing that, 35 years later, the public is still oblivious to the simple fact that HIV does not equal AIDS.


08 Feb 14 By joey 28 Comments

Porn Actor Edin Sol Victim of New York Gay Bashing

Several days ago, Port Authority Police arrested two men for a gay bashing that occurred in Midtown Manhattan. A reader over on Queer Me Now has since identified one of the victims as porn actor Edin Sol, who has filmed scenes with Falcon Studios and Lucas Entertainment, among others.
Police say that around 5am last Friday, the two men were trying to get into an after-hours billiards hall when they were approached by a group of five people who proceeded to shout anti-gay slurs and beat the men. Two of the men are now in custody, but the rest remain at large. This makes three gay bashings in New York in the past several weeks.

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QCrimes: So How Are Harlow Cuadra And Joseph Kerekes Doing In Jail?

It’s been a while since we’ve heard about unfortunately fuckable Harlow Cuadra And Joseph Kerekes, the porn couple convicted for murdering Cobra video owner Bryan Kocis. We covered the entire arrest and trial, but now we’ve snagged shots of the two taken in prison this past March. We’ve put them in a timeline of shots from their arrest and trial to now, and let us just say… prison has aged them both. A lot.

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