Adam Lambert Hit By Fan’s Dildo During Concert

We just had to post this. Ever since Adam Lambert’s gay kissing photos surfaced, we’ve had a crush on the stylish young rocker. He totally should’ve won American Idol instead of his dorky straight counterpart, but whatevs. Apparently, we’re not Lambert’s only sex-loving fans. In fact, fans have been throwning so many pairs of panties, handcuffs, and sex toys at him onstage, that Lambert actually had to ask them to stop, but that didn’t stop them.
In fact, poor Lambert got hit in the leg with a dildo during his show in Hamilton, Ontario. There he is singing Led Zepplin’s “Whole Lotta Love”… and WHAM! 2 minutes 10 seconds into it, he gets a dildo to the leg! He kicks it back into the audience; we hope it hit whoever threw it, but it probably hit some 12-year-old girl whose only wish was to see him—now she has a dick-shaped bruise on her face—oh Adam you beast!
But seriously, why you trying to injure our glamour boy? Let him sing the damned songs. If you don’t stop, he’s gonna have to start performing behind a dildo-proof glass bubble, like the pope. Besides, if you really wanna throw a dick at him, do it in person once the concert’s over—he’d probably appreciate it a lot more.

Aug 21, 2009 By paperbagwriter Write a comment!