QC Gallery – Back with Josh Hartnett

QC Gallery - Josh Hartnett
Yes QC Gallery is back online now that we’ve installed bigger pipelines. We’re re-opening it with (a little) trepidation ‘cos we know some of you are gonna hit it with a vengeance. Fingers crossed that the new server will be able to handle the load!
After much deliberation, we’ve decided not to accept anymore new registrations on a daily basis. This will keep the number of existing members (all 42,527 of you) and bandwidth at a manageable level, without compromising on the site performance. Current members will be able to access the gallery area as per normal. We will be accepting new members every now and then and will notify everyone here when the window opens. So keep watch!
We will be adding more quality images to the Gallery, and we urge existing members to continue with your awesome contributions. Together we’ll make this one of the best free Galleries available. =)
‘Nuff said, now Click! Click! your way to some high quality Josh Hartnett.

Jan 23, 2006 By Ken 6 Comments